Computerized Supervision and Control System Department
Hydrological Telemetry and Reservoir Dispatching Department
Electro-mechanical Equipment Department
New Energy Sources Department
Monitoring Department
Operation Support Department
Water Conservancy Automation Department
Water Conservancy Automation Department

The department is specialized mainly in the research and development of computer supervision and control system for large and medium scale hydraulic engineering, such as water diversion projects, irrigation projects, sewage treatment projects, pumping stations, sluice gate and auxiliary equipment, as well as the automatic dispatching system for cascade pumping stations etc. The department provides automation system in water-control projects with design, manufacture and installation both domestic and abroad.

Based on H9000 system, the department has developed and provided numerous automatic control systems, for example, Dazhangzhuang pumping station which is part of water diversion project from Luan River to Tianjin, flood control and dispatching automation system for Beijiang Feilaixia, control system for Longquanxihe sewage treatment project, control system for Jingtaichuan Pumping Irrigation Project with 13 pumping stations in cascade. Xinjiang Sutang irrigation project is currently being implemented with 180 thousand hectares of farmland with the main function of water supply and water-saving irrigation.

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