Computerized Supervision and Control System Department
Hydrological Telemetry and Reservoir Dispatching Department
Electro-mechanical Equipment Department
New Energy Sources Department
Monitoring Department
Operation Support Department
Water Conservancy Automation Department
Operation Support Department

Major Services and Research Scope

·Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis
·Field Test and Field Test Technique Research
·Dynamic simulation and estimation of efficiency, cavitation  erosion, abrasion and vibration performance
·Research and consultation of stability key technology
·Parameter choice and operational optimization of the hydraulic machinery
·Calculation and analysis of Strength, fatigue and flow of hydraulic machinery
·Control and repair of cavitation erosion, abrasion
·Research & Development of Anti-cavitation erosion and anti-abrasion material
·CFD Optimization design of Hydraulic Machinery
·3D parametric CAD and computer simulation techniques


Performance tests and fault diagnosis researches accomplished in Three Gorge power plant, ErTan Power Station, YanTan Power Station, GeZhouBa Power Station, DiShiLin Power Station in Syria. Fulfilled more than 30 items of quality examination and supervisory of the prototype hydraulic turbine parts. Undertaken and accomplished various consultation services concerned with mechanical and electrical equipment of some Hydraulic projects, such as Three-Gorges right strand, Xi Luo Du, Xiang Jia Ba, Jin Ping, etc.

R%D products:

HM9000 condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system for Hydraulic generator unit; Silt abrasion forecasting system of turbine runner.

High anti-abrasion material works successfully in large or middle scale water power stations, including Liu Jia Xia, Wan Jia Zhai, Da Xia, Qing Tong Xia and Yan Guo Xia and so on, the accumulation area has surpassed 600m2.

Other services:

Fulfilled CFD Optimization design of 28000 m3/hr Discharge High Efficiency Dredge Pump; Developed a virtual prototype of the Three Gorges Ship-lift, by means of 3D parametric CAD and computer simulation techniques, which provide solutions for management of large engineering projects, and can promote 3D design of hydraulic engineering project and the digitization of equipments and products.

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