Computerized Supervision and Control System Department
Hydrological Telemetry and Reservoir Dispatching Department
Electro-mechanical Equipment Department
New Energy Sources Department
Monitoring Department
Operation Support Department
Water Conservancy Automation Department
Monitoring Department

The Department include two field.:

One is engaged in safety monitoring design for civil engineering works , such as hydraulic structure , underground cavern , slope , tailings dam , bridge etc , including scheme design , instrument selection , instrument installation and observation on the spot , data management and analysis , automation system integration and development of monitoring project and technology consultation service etc .

The Department developed a series of IDAU Intelligent Measurement and Control module and information management software . It held patent products including aluminum casing inclinometer , displacement sensor and subsidiary parts etc. The Department undertook many safety monitoring projects of large or medium scale engineering works , such as Three Gorges Project , Xiaolangdi Project , Jiangkou Hydropower Station , Zhuzhou Navigation Power Project , Linhuaigang Flood Control Project , Hongjiadu Hydropower Station ,  Xiaowan Hydropower Station , Xiluodu Hydropower Station , Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station etc

The other is testing of hidden defects in water resources and hydropower engineering and dam safety estimation, including Testing of cracks in concrete structures,Testing of leakage and hidden defects in embankment and foundation and pass-by leakage, Quality testing of cutoff  wall, Testing of piping seepage and hidden defects in dikes, Quality testing of lining in tunnel, Geololgical forecast of heading face in tunnel, Testing of foundation rocks of hydropower construction , weathered rocks of opened trench , blasting loosening layer , Quality testing of consolidation grouting and curtain grouting. Many advanced testing instruments were developed by the Department and imported , such as crack detector by surface wave , underground temperature meter , compaction meter , multiple point rod extensometer , linear displacement meter , ground conductivity meter , ground penetrating radar , transient electro-magnetic instrument, ground complex resistivity acquisition , system for multi-wave seismic data acquisition , infrared photography , multi-frequency electro-magnetic profiler , etc. Major projects involved:Three-Gorges project, Ertan , Fengman, Chencun , Miyun hydropower station or reservoir and other dike etc.

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