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Hydrological Telemetry and Reservoir Dispatching Department
Electro-mechanical Equipment Department
New Energy Sources Department
Monitoring Department
Operation Support Department
Water Conservancy Automation Department
New Energy Sources Department

The Department is mainly engaged in wind resource assessment, wind farm planning and design, key technology of wind farm construction, wind power non-grid-connected application and field test of WTGS pile and foundation, owning  a government-certified technical team with rich theory and practical experience. We have been studying special foundation engineering for years, owning Specific materials and technology in foundation treatment and anti-seepage and willing to provide technical services.

Scope of main activities:

·Wind farm siting, planning and technical consultation of offshore wind farm project.
·Wind resources assessment, design and construction of meteorological mast.
·Feasibility study of wind farm, macro siting, wind farm design, and optimization.
·Technology research and product development applied in non-grid-connected wind power system.
·Treatment of special foundation and consolidation of Hydraulic engineering structures.
·Study on the materials and arts of anti-seepage and anti-leakage in the Karst areas or Rubble stone stratum.
·Development and application of other new energy resources.

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