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Hydrological Telemetry and Reservoir Dispatching Department
Electro-mechanical Equipment Department
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Water Conservancy Automation Department
Electro-mechanical Equipment Department

Its business field includes R&D of hydraulic turbines, water pumps, and pump turbines, CFD and optimization design of hydraulic machinery, development of outfits and essential equipments of hydraulic engineering.

It has provided hydropower equipments for over 200 water power plants, thermal power plants and pump stations and won national and provincial /ministerial prizes for many times.

Main business areas and products:

·Development of hydraulic models of hydro turbines, water pumps and pump turbines
·Preferences of electro-mechanical equipments, technical consultation, and essential equipments R&D
·Complete sets of electro-mechanical equipments for hydro power plants and pump plants
·CFD for hydraulic machinery
·Design and supply of mini hydro generator unit and whole sets
·Technological renovation of water power plant electro-mechanical equipments and thermal power plant circulating pump, including pump efficiency enhancement, upgrading, solution to cavitation and abrasion, operation stability, etc..

With the technology of computer optimum design and the high accuracy universal model test stand, the Department has developed a series of high efficiency model turbines and pumps. For turbine types, they are Francis (JF), Kaplan (JK), Propeller (JP), Bulb (SK), Tubular (JG) and Pump-turbine (PT). Among these types of turbines, the Francis model turbine took the lead in the country in breaking through the maximum efficiency of 93% in 1990, and broke through 94% in 1999, reaching the international level. For pump types, they are vertical centrifugal pump (LY), horizontal shaft, double suction centrifugal pump (WYS), multi-stage pump(DSB), mixed flow pump (LX), slurry pump (SP), vertical opening axial pump (ZLK) and bulb pump (BP), etc. In recent years, the Department has attained a number of outstanding achievements. Until now, the Department has provided key equipments to about 200 power stations and pump stations, including OBRUK, BAYRAMHACILI, GULLUBAG in Turkey and BACBINH, DAKR’TIH in Viet Nam. It has finished more than 100 technical renovation projects according to the characteristics of the stations.

BAC BINH power station in Viet Nam

Signing ceremony of DAKR'TIH power station in Viet Nam

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