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Computerized Supervision and Control System Department

The Department is specialized mainly in the research and development of computer supervision and control system for large and medium scale hydropower stations, cascade hydropower stations, pumped storage power stations, pump stations,sewage treatment plant as well as integrated automatic system of water resources and hydropower dispatch. The Department provides automation system and Satellite Time Synchronization System in hydropower and water resources projects with design, manufacture and installation both domestic and abroad.

Based on the rich experience of 30 years on research and development of automation system in the hydropower and water resources projects, through wide international cooperation, tracing and application of the updated technology, H9000 series computer supervision and control system with open and distributed structure are developed by the Department independently. H9000 system is an advanced real time process control system, designed for universal utility and with widely adopted industrial standards. combining object-oriented structure, international language environment, friendly human-machine interfaces, convenience to operation and maintenance, supporting the network interconnection between different computers and operation systems, with the characteristics of high reliable performance, perfect functions, flexible configuration, convenience extension, All these make it suitable for various utilities. H9000 system has been widely used in more than 200 hydropower stations both domestic and abroad. H9000 system is applicable to hydropower stations, pump-storage stations, pump stations, sewage treatment plant, cascade hydropower stations, dispatch center, transform stations, wind power stations and other automation control fields as well.

H9000 Computer Supervision and Control System for the Right Bank Power Station of the Three Gorges Project

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